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Custom Fitting & Equipment

Custom Fitting & Equipment

Your custom fitting begins with an analysis of your existing equipment and the results you're getting with it. We'll talk to you about your tendencies including shot patterns, strengths, weaknesses and goals then immediately begin putting together a plan to make your golf equipment perform for you.


First I'll look at your launch conditions, and determine what your ideal launch numbers should be based on ball speed. Then we'll go to work finding the right shaft and club head combination to enable you to hit the ball as far and straight as you can with the proper trajectory.

Fairway Woods and Hybrids

It's all about finding the best trajectory and carry distances to properly fill the gaps between your driver and your longest iron.


We start by determining the right length for you irons based on your height, knuckle to floor and most importantly, we look for the length that provides for center face contact. From there I decide which clubhead will be best based on your experience level, sole/turf interaction and personal preferences. Then it's time to find the shaft that's the right flex, weight and material with appropriate launch and spin characteristics. Now we can do a dynamic lie fitting and discuss grip material and size. At this point we're ready to do the set makeup so there's just the right amount of yardage between clubs within your set.


For your wedges we determine if you "Dig" or "Slide" the club through impact so we can suggest the correct bounce angles, grinds and cambers on the sole of the clubs. Other factors such as the firmness of the ground and sand you usually play, experience level and personal preferences will weigh in to the decision as well. Next is loft and lie for each wedge to assure proper distance gaps.


No matter how long you've played or how good you are a golf, putting will always be 40% or more of your score! Shouldn't the most used club in the bag get the attention it deserves. I have the experience and know-how to properly fit you. There are many putter specifications that can make you a better putter. Among some of the specs I fit are the following: Length, Lie, Clubhead Design, Weight, Offset, Balance of Face, Loft, and Shaft Material.

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