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Golfing Fundamentals


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Hit Center of Clubface more often
Stand the correct distance from the ball
Get lead arm straight
Grip impacts Ball Flight
Fix a slice or hook during the round
Add Power and Distance
Fix improper grip
Lower body Levels
Improve your impact
How to Chip
Correct Weight Transfer
Short Iron Positions
Swing Rhythm
Stay on Good Plane
Avoid Over Swing
Body Rotation
Stay balanced at your core
Proper Swing Start
Proper balance
Types of golf grips
Top and Lower Half Alignment
Proper Alignment
Lower Body Posture
Position your feet correctly
Grip Pressure
Strike Cleanly
Make Solid Contact
Get a Feel
Point of Impact
Role of Lower Body
Wrist Position
Shoulder Turn
Understand your Swing
Follow thru
Elbow Placement
Visualize Your Target
Set Up
Releasing the Club
How to Take a Divot
Fade or Draw

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