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Tip For Buying A Putter

Buying golf equipment can definitely be a process, but it's also really fun. Sure, you have to do a lot of saving and planning, but you get to test out all sorts of clubs and gear before you find The One.

Buying a putter is no different. The one caveat to shopping for a putter – as opposed to all of your other golf shopping – is how important your putting is on the golf course. More than any other part of your game, your performance on the putting green can make or break your confidence and, ultimately, your score.

That being said, it's really important to invest some time and serious consideration into choosing a putter. Hit a good amount of putts before you settle on a decision. What you're feeling for when testing a putter out is how the putter looks to your eye, how the weight of the club feels in your hands, and how easily you can line up your putts.

Different Lengths & Styles of Putters

Putters come in a variety of lengths and styles. Choose the length first, and then you can specify your options with a style your prefer.

Styles Of Putters

Once you're chosen what length you want, it's time to choose what style of putter your prefer. Unlike when shopping for a driver or a set of irons, you shouldn't have to think too much about the putter's shaft. What matters most in a putter's style are two things:

  • The shape and weight of the putter's head
  • Where and how the hosel attached the putter's head to the shaft
Here are the styles you'll get to choose from:
  • Blade putters
  • Mallet putters
  • Weighted putters

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