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Quick Nine

A Quick Nine

Who was your biggest influence to get started in golf?

Whether it was mom, dad, grandpa, an uncle, an actor, a world-class player, or the fact that we're all gluttons for punishment, there's someone or something that had a big influence on getting you involved in the game of golf.

  1. Caddying. What better way to get to know the game than to spend your days around the game?
  2. A strong man looking to make change.
  3. Your father. If you're like me and the people whose answers you will read below, many of your greatest memories with your dad involve the game.
  4. An uncle. They can teach you some fun games on the course and some life lessons.
  5. Jordan Spieth.
  6. Your grandfather. Golf is a great way to spend time together.
  7. A boss. Wait, what? It might be time for a new job search for the rest of us!
  8. A grade-school teacher.
  9. A fund-raising charity event.

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