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3-Day Trip School

3-Day Trip School

Best Golf School

Teaching philosophies vary from professional to professional. Most stress the fundamentals – grip, aim, stance, posture, and balance. Some emphasize rhythm, tempo, and the feel of a proper swing. Others investigate the six most important inches in golf – the terrain between your ears. Then there are those who believe the flight of the ball is the ultimate indicator of a successful swing and so schedule lots of ball-hitting sessions to teach the best ways of impact.

Attempting to play golf without qualified instruction is an exercise in frustration. Also, it's difficult to unlearn bad habits once they are ingrained. Seasoned players flock to golf schools to correct flaws, restore confidence, and improve scores. At any level, the goal is to build a reliable swing that will enhance your game.

Three Days of Total Golf Immersion

For over 20 years, players of all skill levels have enjoyed the consistent instruction of our team of experts. If you have not had result form instruction before, you will now.

Student teacher ratio is 4:1. Each of our students is mentored one-on-one with computerized video technology. In addition, you receive unlimited access to the online academy which allows you to review your swing instruction and drills for up to 6 months after you leave the school.

Each day, in addition to the full swing, you will learn short game skills and putting to lower your scores, as well as learn how to practice for lasting improvement. You will have the opportunity to learn shot-making and how to ID and handle trouble shots on the golf course with your instructor on days two and three.


  • Reach your personal goals with a customized approach to your game
  • 15 hours of hands-on full swing and short game golf instruction
  • Includes 6-8 hours of on course instruction
  • Video swing analysis and email follow up
  • The importance of the mental aspects of golf, organizing your thoughts
  • Course management
  • Short game and club selection around the greens
  • Personalized practice plan including practice strategies
  • Trouble shots / uneven lies
  • Development of a consistent pre-shot routine
  • All our golf academy players develop their game through a periodization approach that addresses the technical, pre-competition and competition phases resulting in lower scores and golfers who learn how to play, not just how to swing.
  • Combining all aspects of golf training, such as one-on-one coaching, on-course play at least twice a week, plus week-end tournaments, state-of-the-art swing analysis technology, and physical/mental training; our golf students improve all areas of their game.

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