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I greatly appreciate receiving feedback from my students concerning development programs & clinics and overall instruction. Please, use the below form and let me know of your observations and personal assessments.

Thank you very much, and I'll see you at the clubhouse!

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George Goldman

testimonial I am a 67 year old experienced golfer who lost my swing and came to Larry for instructions. Began to correct me within 1 minute of watching me hit balls and now after only 3 lessons and many balls on the range Larry has me hitting the ball as well as I have ever. I have had lessons from other pros but none that have me hit as many balls as Larry does and some VERY simple corrections. I look forward to many more lessons. testimonial

Mike Beck

testimonial I have experienced the 'Manski Magic' when he was able to help me reduce my handicap from a 9 to a 5 in one season. Larry is the consummate instructor that works within your basic physical ability to adjust and improve your overall golf experience. testimonial

Mark Gersman

testimonial I have been taking lessons from Larry for over 5 years. He has taken my handicap from a 32 to a 14! He has a great way of communicating what he sees in my swing, and presenting it in a way I can understand. He will patiently explain the physics and swing mechanics in a 'simple' manner. His excitement for teaching is evident and he has helped with all facets of my game... including the mental aspect. I especially like the video analysis of my swing and our occasional playing lessons. He is by far the best teacher I have had! testimonial

Joe Albrecht

testimonial Larry loves golf and he loves teaching golf. I am grateful that our paths crossed. I improved my golf game and my understanding of my golf swing very significantly by working with Larry. I am a more skillful golfer because of Larry Manksi. testimonial

Joseph Hutchinson, Jr.

testimonial Larry helped me more than anyone with all aspects of the game. He was always there when I needed an emergency lesson or tune up. He generously gave up his time to help anyone who needed it, and I surely did! He accompanied me on a 2-hour trip for a fitting lesson. Larry also has a great ability to communicate what he wants his "students" to do. It made lessons fun and very helpful. He is a great person with a great talent to help golfers at all levels. If you have the chance to take a lesson from Larry, do it! testimonial

JD Ebersberger

testimonial Larry Manski is an exceptional teacher as well as player. Being a SCPGA Hall of Fame Inductee and an accomplished player and teacher myself, it affords me the ability to appreciate his masterful blending of these two important traits. The end result is the transformation of his students into better players.

I have had the pleasure of watching his success over the years and cherished competing with him. When I needed a second opinion or a fresh thought process, I never hesitated to ask him to work with my daughter. He was extremely helpful and she respected and appreciated his instruction and assistance.

Larry Manski is a great instructor, who I would recommend to the beginner, as well as the avid player, because both would benefit from his expertise. testimonial

Simeon Jones

testimonial Hey Golfer Friends around Ohio... If you've been thinking about getting lessons for any reason at all, Larry Manski is THE MAN to go to for help. I worked with him for about 2 seasons and he took me from a 25+ handicap to my lowest handicap ever, an 8!

He went beyond teaching me swing analytics. He also taught me how to keep my head in the game during a tough round. With Larry, I shot my lowest score ever (76) while playing in a tournament. If you want to enjoy playing golf and stop getting angry with yourself about duffing shots, missing 3-foot putts, slicing or hooking the ball... Go to Larry.

He WILL make you a better player and he's an awesome guy to hang around on top of all that. Stop hesitating. Sign up for his free 30-minute intro/analysis today! testimonial

Candy Slezak

testimonial I wanted to write to let you know how much Larry helped me at Palm Springs this year. My shots have more loft and distance than ever before and sometimes they even go in the right direction! My scores are already coming down a little this year.

But best of all, I got a hole-in-one yesterday on Hole #7 at Portage County Club. Good thing I had five witnesses! testimonial

Malia Ebersberger

testimonial Larry Manski has played an important role in helping me get a scholarship to play golf for the University of Hawaii. He is a very accomplished golfer which makes him an even better instructor. His teaching methods are simple and easy to take from the range to the golf course. He is always available to assist and guide me with my swing. I look forward to coming back to Ohio and having Larry watch my swing and help prepare me for my college career. testimonial

Jim DeOrio

testimonial After taking many lessons during my golfing career, a good friend of mine Jimmy James suggested that I reach out to golf professional Larry Manski. Under Larry's instruction, I was able to elevate my golf game to the next level

I became a much more consistent golfer and with the technique Larry taught me, I was able to take my swing to the golf course and execute in a competitive golf environment.

Larry has a great eye for a golfer's strengths and weaknesses. I can assure you, Larry will help Improve your golf skills and you too will enjoy playing your best golf ever under his instruction. testimonial

Otis Hower

testimonial I have had a lot of golf instructors in my lifetime, and I consider Larry Manski to be the very best. He is very interested in improving your game and technique with his instruction. I will recommend to anyone! testimonial

Donald J. Pavlik

testimonial Eight years ago, I was carrying a very high handicap (high 20's). As a former baseball player, I wanted to beat the ball, thinking that would improve my score, accuracy, and distance.

For the last 4 years I have been taking lessons from Larry Manski. As a former baseball player himself, Larry took the time to show me that swinging faster and hitting the ball harder was detrimental to my golf game.

From the tee to green, Larry has taught me the correct fundamentals of the golf game. He has covered everything from stance, swing, short game, putting, drills to work on at the range, proper stretching, nutrition, and preparing mentally. These lessons have improved my confidence, handicap, and more importantly, helped me appreciate the game of golf.

I can proudly say I have broken 80 numerous times and I have Larry to thank. I have personally recommended Larry to friends, old and young; and they share the same feeling. I highly recommend and encourage you to use Larry Manski as a teacher and coach. testimonial

Kathy Hower

testimonial I have been taking lessons from Larry Manski for several years and he has been able to improve my game with every lesson I take. He understands all aspects of the golf swing and is able to translate that to me in easy to understand changes.

Larry is always looking to improve his game and his teaching skills. He works with the skills that I have and helps build on that without making unattainable changes that would leave me frustrated. He makes learning enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone golfer that wants to play better. testimonial

Ben Petrie

testimonial Larry has been working with my son Solomon since he was 7-years-old.  Over the past 6 years, the trust Solomon and I have for Larry has grown.  His knowledge of the golf swing and overall knowledge of the game is remarkable.  Larry's ability to effectively communicate instructions and techniques to such a young player is amazing.  Now 12, Solomon is coming off his best season in 2015.  We look forward to continuing such a great working relationship as well as a friendship with Larry. testimonial

Solomon Petrie

testimonial I've really enjoyed working with Coach Manski.  He is in-tune with my swing, and when I find myself struggling, he can immediately identify what is wrong and make the adjustments to correct it.  Anytime I hit a rough stretch, I ask my Dad to call Coach.  One session and he has my swing back on track.  I couldn't ask for a better Coach and am very thankful for the time and effort Coach Manski has put into helping me improve my game. testimonial
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